• publish: 16 September 2016
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US Senators:

“Pakistan is the greater threat to American interests as it support terrorism”

The U.S Senate has said that Pakistan’s continued support of the Taliban and its brutal offshoot, the Haqqani network, indicates that Pakistan stands against the U.S’s interests, pushing the White House to withhold aid to Islamabad.

The U.S senators have said that Pakistan has failed to change its policies on Afghanistan and the terrorist groups, accusing Islamabad of a double standard policy toward Washington. Tolo news reported.

They said that on one hand Pakistan promises to fight the terrorists while on the other hand, they continue their backing of the militant organizations.

“Pakistan continues to be a tremendously duplicitous partner in this, Mr. (Richard) Olson and I have talked about this on several occasions, but certainly they are working against our interests through helping support in the ways they do to Haqqani network, they are the great threat to the Americans, soldiers, they are certainly a threat to the Afghan military,” said senator Bob Corker.

The US Senate discussed the situation in Afghanistan with the US special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Olson.

At the meeting, Olson warned that the war on terrorism will not succeed unless Islamabad proves its sincerity in the campaign against terrorism.

“U.S officials have been very clear that Pakistan must target all militant groups without discrimination including those that target Pakistan’s neighbors and shut down all safe havens in its territory. In this regard we welcome general Raheel Sharif’s statement on July 6th in which he directed Pakistani military commanders, intelligence agencies and law enforcement officials to take concrete measures against any militant safe haven group, on Pakistani soil to launch terrorist attacks in Afghanistan,” said Olson.

He said that the U.S still considers Afghanistan an important country.

“Our partnership with Afghanistan remains strong, the government of Afghanistan continues to be an important ally in the fight against terrorism and Kabul works to eliminate the remnants of al-Qaeda and its affiliates, and disrupt and degrade allies of Islamic state (Daesh) to strengthen Afghanistan’s capabilities as a partner and to improve the lives of Afghan people; we continue to invest U.S resources to strengthen Afghanistan’s security forces, to improve governance, build institutions and strengthen their economy,” said Olson.

“The key elements of USAID’s Afghanistan strategy remain to make durable these gains made in health, education and opportunities for women, to maintain our focus on economic growth and fiscal sustainability and to support a transparent and effective government in Afghanistan that is responsive to the needs of its citizens, these efforts contribute to our own national interest,” said USAID’s Donald L. Sampler, Assistant to the Administrator and Director of the Office of Afghanistan and Pakistan Affairs.

The U.S officials said that one of the key aspects of the U.S engagement in Afghanistan is to develop the nation’s economic sustainability and support a responsible government, adding that a stable Afghanistan ensures U.S interests too.

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