• publish: 14 July 2015
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Pakistan rebuff claim of being in undeclared war with Afghanistan

Pakistan has rebuffed the claims by Afghan government that it is in a state of undeclared war with Afghanistan.

Maj. Gen. Asim Saleem Bajwa the director general of the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), the media wing of Pakistan’s armed forces, said in an interview with Pakistan’s The Express Tribune news that Pakistan is not in war with Afghanistan. He said instead Pakistan is helping the country for its peace and stability.

“Pakistan is not in a state of war with Afghanistan but Pakistan is helping Afghanistan out of the way to bring peace and stability in the country.”

In response to another concern that the Taliban commanders who desire to join Afghan government is either killed or detained by Pakistan, Bajwa said: “I would categorically say there is nothing like this. Whoever has said this is not aware of the developments over the past one year.  Pakistan is helping Afghanistan in the peace process,” he added.

In response to a question that with all efforts being made, why relations between the two countries are not improving, Bajwa said that the conflict between the two countries had been very old and complicated and it could take more time.

“Things are moving in the right direction. But it may take time. We may face challenges and challenges are coming even now as problems and issues are complicated and old. But we all should not forget the bigger picture – to achieve the political objective. We are working to achieve those objectives that include peace in Afghanistan and because of which peace in Pakistan. We keep on saying that these are inter-linked and we will achieve it.”

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani had earlier said that Pakistan is in undeclared war with Afghanistan and the Taliban commanders who wish to join peace process are either killed or detained in Pakistan.

Several key members of the Taliban group have been killed and apprehended in Pakistan in the past.

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