• publish: 28 September 2015
  • time: 5:02 pm
  • category: Politics
  • No: 1489

Parliament investigating rumors of deal between government officials and Taliban in Baghlan

Parliament has assigned a commission to investigate the rumors of a deal between government officials and Taliban militants in northern Baghlan province.

Abdul Rawouf Ibrahimi said on Monday’s session that the internal security commission of the parliament has been given the task to investigate the issue.

Reports published recently indicated that Dand Ghori area of Baghlan province was given to Taliban based on a deal.

Another matter discussed during Monday’s session in Parliament was security.  A number of MPs criticized the government and international community including the United States for not taking adequate actions in areas having strong presence of militants.

They said that the presence of foreign forces does not have a positive impact on security.

While pointing to Kundoz clashes, MP Naqibullah Faiq said Pakistani invaders took part in the attack.

He further said that if Kundoz falls, the adjourning other provinces would also fall to Taliban.

Nazir Hanafi, another Member of Parliament said that USA and the West is not honestly cooperating with Afghanistan.

He said that they destroyed the equipment left behind by Russia but did not arm Afghan forces with additional weapons and helicopters.

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