• publish: 22 September 2015
  • time: 8:22 pm
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President Ghani’s Consultation on Census Law illegal _ CEO office

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah’s Office said on Tuesday that President Ashraf Ghani’s recent efforts to consult with Jihadi leaders and tribal elders on the Census Law was un-constitutional.

Stressing the need for the implementation of the Census Law, CEO spokesperson Mujibul Rahman Rahimi urged the government to follow legal steps in its decisions on the law.

The legal experts, meanwhile, strongly criticized the government for preferring traditional methods of solving issues over the laws of the country.

“In every matter, they [the government] talk of national consensus while they don’t really know its meaning. We may see a decision will be made with the elders and the outcome will be enforced upon the people which is incorrect and against the Constitution,” legal expert Tahir Hashemi said.

Furthermore, the lawmakers warned such traditional approaches could impact the credibility of law enforcement agencies.

“This shows the president does not pay attention to the rule of law,” female MP Fatima Aziz said.

Ghani’s office, meanwhile, emphasized the meetings with the ethnic elders and political figures were aimed at finding a solution to the issues facing the nation.

“The purpose of such meetings is to bring national consensus to solve the issue and begin an immediate distribution of ID cards,” Ghani’s deputy spokesman Sayed Zafar Hashemi said.

But the critics believe such traditional approaches to the issues undermine the rule of law, the lack of which led Afghanistan to become the second worst country in the world – in terms of following the rule of law – according to a study by World Justice Project (WJP) in June 2015.

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