• publish: 9 September 2015
  • time: 12:26 am
  • category: Politics
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Chief of Executive Office:

“Recent remarks of Mullad Dadullah should be taken seriously”

“Recent remarks of Mullah Mansour Dadullah, a senior Taliban leader, on Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) appointing Taliban leaders, should be taken seriously and government should reflect on it,” the chief executive office said on Tuesday.

The deputy spokesman for the Chief Executive, Jawed Faisal, said the remarks reveal that war in Afghanistan ensures strangers’ benefits and that the Afghan Taliban should quit violence.

“Such comments are worth consideration and attention,” he said, adding that “We have learned from the past that war in Afghanistan ensures strangers’ benefits, therefore the Afghan Taliban should lay down their arms and join the peace process.”

Meanwhile, a number of analysts believe that Mullah Mansour has unveiled the reality that has been there for the past several years, and that the Pakistan’s spy agency has played a key role in selecting Taliban leaders.

Mullah Mansour Dadullah, who is an anti-Mullah Mansour, the current official Taliban leader, said Taliban militants who are under the control of Pakistan are fighting his supporters in southern Zabul province.

“They [ISI] proposed their recommendations to me that one of which was to kill people they want dead. They had other similar recommendations as well, which were against Islam,” said Mullah Mansour Dadullah.

According to him, he refused to carry out their orders and returned to Afghanistan.


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