• publish: 18 July 2015
  • time: 2:24 am
  • category: International
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Saudi-led forces wrest control of Aden

Houthis driven out of southern port city after days of battle, says Yemen’s exiled V-P

The vice-president of Yemen’s exiled government in Riyadh yesterday said the southern port city of Aden was now under the control of Saudi-backed fighters after days of battle with the country’s dominant Houthi militia.

Residents and local fighters said they now control about 90 per cent of the city but low-level clashes were continuing in the Tawahi district in the west.

Aden has been the focus of fighting since the Houthis first laid siege to the city in March when it was home to the government that subsequently fled to Saudi Arabia.

Once one of the world’s busiest ports, Aden sits near the Bab al-Mandab shipping lane, a major energy gateway for Europe, Asia and the United States.

The civil war in Yemen has killed at least 3,500 people and left more than 20 million of its 25 million residents in need of humanitarian aid.

Fighters and witnesses said the latest offensive was backed up by donations of heavy weapons by the alliance, including around 100 armored vehicles by the United Arab Emirates.

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