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Global Hunger Index:

‘Tajikistan recognized as most starving country in Central Asia’

Tajikistan was recognized as the most starving country in Central Asia with 30% of the level of food shortage, according to the Global Hunger Index 2015 prepared by the experts of the International Food Policy Research Institute.

The Index was made on the base of the study of such features as the percentage of population that is undernourished, the level of underdevelopment of children under 5 years and the percentage of children, who die before the age of five.

So, according to the document, 33.2% of the population of Tajikistan was undernourished, the percentage of underdevelopment of children up to 5 years made 26.8% and the mortality rate of children under 5 years was 4.8% in 2015.

Kazakhstan was a leader among the Central Asian countries with 8% of the level of hunger. Second place was gained by Kyrgyzstan with 9.4%, then Turkmenistan — 12.9%, Uzbekistan — 13.3% and Tajikistan with a serious level of hunger among the population — 30.3%.

The most starving country of the world was recognized Republic of South Africa — 45.9%.

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