• publish: 10 March 2016
  • time: 10:41 am
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‘Taliban should gain power through elections and will of Afghan people’

The Deputy Chief Executive Officer Mohammad Mohaqiq called on Taliban to join peace process and said they (Taliban) should gain power through elections and will of Afghan people.

During a gathering to commemorate the 21st death anniversary of Abdul Ali Mazari in northern Balkh province of Afghanistan, Mohaqiq said war against the Taliban militants is legitimate, insisting that democratic process is the only option the group can gain power in the country.

Mohaqiq further added that Taliban should gain power in the country through elections and will of the people “if they are true Afghans and believe in Islam.”

He said the Afghan people want peace that should be achieved with dignity and ensuring the achievements of the country in the past 15 years.

Mohaqiq also added that the Taliban group will be welcomed if they agree to join peace talks with the given conditions, or otherwise will face strict military crackdown by the Afghan forces.

The remarks by Mohaqiq comes as the Taliban group has rejected to sit-in for peace talks with the Afghan government.

Taliban issued a statement on Saturday, saying the decision to refrain from direct negotiations was taken due to deployment of troops by US to Afghanistan, ongoing airstrikes, and expansion of military operations by Afghan government amid ongoing efforts to revive peace talks, which the group called a ‘propaganda’.

The group once reiterated on its pre-conditions to sit-in for peace talks, saying ”unless the occupation of Afghanistan is ended, black lists eliminated and innocent prisoners freed, such futile misleading negotiations will not bear any results.” Khaama press writes.

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