• publish: 14 April 2018
  • time: 1:28 pm
  • category: Politics
  • No: 6299

Taliban ministers and key figures ready for peace: Gen Raziq

Nearly 60 Taliban’s key faces including a number of Quetta members are ready to make peace, Kandahar police chief said.

According to General Raziq, Kandahar police chief, “among these numbers we have come to an agreement, there are ministers of Taliban era and famous commanders of this group.”

He also claimed that , these Taliban figures are expected to be transferred to a safe area in Kandahar, along with their families.

“They want to live free and in peace. We hope they introduce their candidates for Woelsi Jirga and district council elections. They will join our society as citizens of the country. This great process continues,” Gen. Raziq added.

Kandahar police chief praised the International Community and influential figures for their role in bringing Taliban in peace.

This comes as the government has increased their attacks on Taliban insurgents.

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