• publish: 20 August 2016
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Taliban took control of Khanabad district in northern Kunduz province

After days of fierce fighting between Afghan forces and Taliban insurgents, the insurgents took control of Khanabad district in northern Kunduz province this morning. Local officials confirmed.

Zargul Alimi provincial council members of the province said Taliban insurgents took control of the district this morning and raised their flags there.

Taliban insurgents attacked on the district a few days ago and finally capture it this morning, but fierce fighting is still ongoing.

Hayatullah Amiri district chief of Khanabad said “Taliban insurgents took control of the district complex, forcing Afghan forces to retreat.”

The district had been sieged by insurgents for the past few days and lack of ammunition and reinforcement caused Taliban to capture it. Amiri said.

“The Taliban attacked the district from different positions and we resisted for hours but we received no support. The district fell to the Taliban,” said Hayatullah Amiri.

However, a high ranking security official in Kunduz said Afghan forces have still control of security posts in the district and fighting is ongoing.

He said ammunition and reinforcement have arrived and soon there will be a large operation to re-take the district form Taliban insurgents.

Kunduz has been out of power since Thursday as it is said a power pylon was destroyed while fighting.

Kunduz province is located in Northern part of Afghanistan and has seven administrative districts with Kunduz of the same name serving as its capital.

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