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The Amani era, a golden time for Afghanistan

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a message congratulated Ministry of Information and Culture for inauguration of the exhibition of King Amanullah Khan’s historic relics at the National Museum of Afghanistan.
“On the occasion of 100th Independence Anniversary of Afghanistan, the Minister of Information and Culture has organized an exhibition titled ‘Amanullah Khan’s relics and efforts for independence and development of country’ which is indeed a good step for reviving the memories of that great and golden era,” the president said in his message.
According to President, the Amani era not only brought the independence, but also efforts made for development of the country through civil reformations and industrial growth in the country.

“King Amanullah Khan’s dream was a free, independent, stable and glorious Afghanistan. Today’s Afghan people are also committed to complete that incompleted chapter of Amani era and to have a stable and developed country,” the president said in his message.

The president congratulated the Ministry of Information and Culture for organizing of the exhibition at the National Museum and wished everyone a very happy 100th independence anniversary.