• publish: 15 April 2018
  • time: 2:40 pm
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The first women Bowling tournament held in Northern Afghanistan

The first women bowling tournament was held under the name of “Jam-e Gul-e Surkh” in the northern region of Afghanistan.

The tournament held for women while it had already launched for men as well.

The first round of women’s selection competitions in the northern region was held for one day.
More than 30 women attended the competitions which were held by National bowling federation.
After the selection of 16 top figures, the participants competed in 4 groups of 4 people.

Swita, one of the competitors gained 85 points and won the first place of the tournament. After her, Shabana with 83 points, Zainab with 71 points and Tamanna with 51 points, respectively ranked second to fourth.

Jam-e Gul-e Surkh tournament was launched for the first time in the northern zone which received a warm welcome by athletes.

It is worth mentioning that four rounds of men and women competitions have been held by the National Bowling Federation in the capital of the country and it is planned to launch such competitions in the western part of the country as well as in the ancient province of Herat.


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