• publish: 15 April 2018
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Turkey spends $5m to improve education in Afghanistan

Turkish officials have said their country is investing 5 million USD this year to improve the school education in Afghanistan.

They say their emphasis is on educating girls in Afghanistan as the female literacy rate in the country stands at a mere 17 percent, according to the UN.

The Turkish government is contributing $5 million to develop Afghanistan’s education system as most of the schools in the war-torn country are lack of teachers and facilities, TRT reported.

Turkish officials say their emphasis is on educating girls, who have traditionally missed-out in Afghanistan.

“The problem at most Afghan schools is that there’s a shortage of good teachers. So we had people teaching what was not even their subject. Naturally they didn’t teach well,” said Halide Sadat, a student in Afghanistan.

A school in Afghanistan’s Akca, run by Turkey’s education ministry, has been rated the best for its performance, said Mucip Uludag from Maarif Foundation.

“We will take control of twelve more schools and three training institutes. After the take-over, we will increase the capacity of these schools. We will also provide technical equipment to these schools. One hundred and twenty well-trained teachers from Turkey will be brought here to teach.”

The UN says the female literacy rate in Afghanistan stands at a mere 17 percent.

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