• publish: 20 July 2019
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Gen. McKenzie:

US continues supporting Afghan security forces

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah on Saturday met with the Commander of the US Central Command, Gen. Kenneth McKenzie, and discussed the ongoing peace process, the upcoming presidential elections and regional issues, Abdullah’s office said in a statement.

In this meeting, Gen. McKenzie assured the US forces continued support to the Afghan forces, the statement said.

The US general praised the improvement in the capacity of the Afghan National Defense and Security forces, the statement said.

He said that he has also served in Afghanistan and that he appreciates the sacrifices of Afghan forces in the fight against terrorism.

Meanwhile, Abdullah said Gen. McKenzie’s visit to Kabul is a sign of “cooperation and friendship” between Afghanistan and the US “in the fight against common enemies and threats”.

Abdullah said the Afghan forces are defending their country against threats by terrorists and that they are supported by the Resolute Support forces in “certain areas”.

He said that the Taliban and other militant groups have failed in their bids to capture more areas and centers of provinces.

“They have suffered heavy losses,” Abdullah added.

Abdullah said that he wants the attention of Afghanistan’s internarial allies in addressing the issue of terrorists’ safe havens.

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