• publish: 7 August 2016
  • time: 6:34 pm
  • category: Security&Crime
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Western Herat court charged death penalty for 13 kidnappers

Western Herat province court today charged death penalty for 13 kidnappers who have been found guilty of kidnapping and murder.

Western Herat police had earlier arrested these 18 who were accused of kidnapping and murder.


The 18 suspects on Sunday appeared in civil court of western Herat province that, at the end, 13 of whom were charged with capital punishment by the court.


President of Herat civil court Shoaib Ibrahimi ruled that 13 of these 18 kidnappers have been charged with death penalty.


He said four others including a woman have been sentenced to prison and the last one was found not guilty of any crime.


They four who have been sentenced to prison has to serve there for 20, 15, 6 and five years.


The trial session was publicly held today morning in civil court of Herat province.


According to police, these people had earlier kidnapped 11 others and later released five of whom in return for money. They killed 3 of the kidnapped and the destiny of the other three is yet not known.


The president of the Herat civil court however said that the ruling is not absolute and that they can ask for appeal.


The court had also charged two others with death penalty a weak ago.


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