• publish: 11 February 2018
  • time: 11:06 am
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Women had significant role in economic growth: Nasir Ahmad Durani

The second women empowerment program in agricultural affairs has been held in Kabul at the Government Media and Information Center.

In this program the first lady Rula Ghani and a number of national and foreign guests attended.

The main goal behind the conference was women’s active role in development of agriculture in rural areas, food security and poverty reduction.

Rula Ghani said women’s participation would not only develop agriculture sector but also bring about positive changes within families.

Calling women main pillars of the society, she said that there would be no economic growth without women participation.

Voicing concern over violence against women, the first lady said constitution guarantees women’s right and that government support them.

Meanwhile Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Nasir Ahmad Durani said women through providing opportunities had significant role in economic growth. He said his ministry had facilitated women with essential agricultural facilities in different provinces.

Minister Durani went on saying that government had plan to increase women’s role in agriculture by 50 percent.

Minister of Women’s Affairs called women’s lack of access to main bazars the only problems, asking Ministry of Agriculture to do more to solve their problems.

Minister Delbar Nazari also proposed holding of training programs, agriculture insurance and consultancy to women.

UN head of food and agriculture announced that women should be eased with opportunities and take active part in economic growth of the country.

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