• publish: 6 October 2020
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ٌWhile in India, Abdullah hoping to garner support for peace process

Chairman of Afghanistan’s High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR) Abdullah Abdullah will visit India on Tuesday to strengthen consensus and garner support for the Afghan peace process.

During his visit he is expected to meet India’s Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and National Security Advisor. 

Abdullah will also deliver a speech at the Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses (IDSA) in Delhi. 

In a series of tweets on Tuesday, Abdullah said he will “exchange views with the leadership of the Republic of India on the Afghan Peace Process, peace talks in Doha, regional support for the process, and overall bilateral relations between the two countries.”

He also said: “India is a strategic partner of Afghanistan and has continuously supported the government and people of Afghanistan. Our historical relations with India is very important to us, and the role of India in establishing a lasting peace in Afghanistan and the region is vital.”

He confirmed it is an official visit at the invitation of India “to discuss the peace efforts and the need for regional consensus and support for the Afghan Peace Process.”

India media reports said Tuesday morning that according to sources, Abdullah will try to persuade the Indian side to also talk to the Taliban. 

India, as a matter of policy, does not sit down to negotiate with individuals or bodies which are designated as terrorists, New Indian Express stated.

Abdullah’s visit comes after his trip to Pakistan last week where he met with high-ranking officials including the president and prime minister. 

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