• publish: 29 September 2019
  • time: 12:41 pm
  • category: Politics
  • No: 10618
Vote counting underway

1 million votes counted so far

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) stated on Saturday evening that as polling closed, more than 1,051,998 votes have been counted in 2597 centers across the country.

According to officials in IEC, 4905 centers were open on the Election Day and data from the remaining 2308 centers would be announced by Sunday.

IEC further added that these figures are not final and might change as vote counting is underway in all the polling stations.

The voting process began at around 7 am on Saturday and continued simultaneously in most of the country’s 34 provinces until 5 pm. 

Below are data from 2597 voting stations by Saturday night:

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