• publish: 13 October 2021
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120,000 families benefit from WFP assistance in Badakhshan

World Food Program (WFP) officials in Badakhshan province announced the distribution of food to 120,000 needy families in the province.

Hayatullah Rasuli, head of the WFP office in the northeastern zone, told media in Badakhshan today (Wednesday October 21) that food such as flour, oil, slabs and salt will be distributed to 120,000 needy families in Badakhshan province.
Mr. Rasouli added that food is still being distributed to 60,000 needy families in Badakhsh.
According to Mr. Rasouli, in the next six months, 180,000 needy and poor families across Badakhshan will benefit from WFP assistance.
He stated that a survey of 12,000 needy families begins tomorrow in Faizabad, the capital of Badakhshan province; He called on the Taliban to cooperate with the organization in providing security and identifying deserving people.

Mowlawi Jihad Mal, head of the Taliban’s government’s refugees in Badakhshan

Mowlawi Jihad Mal, head of the Taliban’s government’s refugees in Badakhshan, praised the World Food Program’s humanitarian assistance and promised that the Taliban would make every effort to provide security and identify deserving people.
Meanwhile, Moinullah Nezami, on behalf of the people of Badakhshan, hoped that the deserving people to be identified and aid to be distributed to these poor people.
The aid distribution comes as most of the province’s population is poor and most families are living in extreme poverty following recent developments.

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