• publish: 20 August 2020
  • time: 1:20 pm
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Security outposts of pro-gov’t forces in Takhar was attacked by Taliban

13 pro-government forces and an army soldier were killed

At least 13 pro-government forces and an army soldier were killed in clashes with the Taliban militants in Takhar province on Thursday, police confirmed.

Khalil Asir, a spokesman for Takhar police said that the clashes after the insurgents attacked security outposts of the public uprising forces in Khwaja Bahauddin district early this morning.

Four outposts came under attack in Laala Guzar village of Khwaja Bahauddin, Asir added.

Meanwhile, the Taliban fighters ambushed the reinforcement troops while they were on their way to help pro-government forces.

According to Asir, the two-hour clashes left 14 Afghan forces, including 13 pro-government and one soldier, death and six others including two army soldiers and four members of the public uprising forces wounded.

Asir, however, stated that the Afghan forces have inflicted casualties on the Taliban but details yet to be determined.

Taliban yet to comment in this regard.

Public uprising forces are consist of residents who have picked up weapons to fight against the Taliban insurgents alongside the government forces.

Takhar is among the volatile provinces in the northeastern of Afghanistan where the anti-government insurgent groups have a huge presence.

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