• publish: 3 November 2017
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17,000 civilian positions announced by Afghan IARCSC

Afghan Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC) announced at least 17,000 new civilian job positions across the country.

A statement released yesterday by IARCSC said that 8,000 of the 17,000 newly-announced positions are allocated to hiring of school teachers. The remaining include Grade 5 and 6 that will be recruited within other government entities. The details of these positions is accessible through IARCSC website.

The announced positions include below sectors:

Administrative, economy, educational, engineering, archeology, policy and plan, technical, physical education, auditing, information technology, legal, religious, agriculture, information and public relations, health, veterinary, financial, human resources, monitoring and evaluation.

According to the statement, the positions announced will be in 42 governmental entities and ministries in all 34 provinces.

The statement adds bachelor degree and above is required for the 5th grade positions and baccalaureate is the least degree required for a number of job positions in the 6th grade. Applicants must meet the job academic requirements.

IARCSC has considered some skills such as communication, the use of the Internet and computer, and the fluency of one of the official languages of the country as a general recruitment requirement.

Mr. Nader Nadery, Head of IARCSC said that the recruitment of new employees at lower level positions would help the Afghan Civil Service Agencies.

He added that the recruitment process for these positions would be transparent, and IARCSC monitors the entire process by sending a delegation to 34 provinces.

The process of these jobs’ announcement has practically started and it will take three days to be completed and eligible candidates can apply for only one position.

Applicants can get the required hard copies of application forms from Saturday 04 Nov, 2017 onward for the positions of school teachers; and application forms for the other 9,000 civilian positions, will be available starting from Monday 06 Nov, 2017 at the IARCSC Headquarters, said the statement.

From 17,000 positions, around 14,000 positions are allocated to 33 provinces and the rest are for Kabul.

The recruitment process of these positions are carried out by dedicated representatives of various governmental departments. Representatives of the civil society, media and the people will monitor the entire recruitment process.

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