• publish: 23 November 2017
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243 female Afghan police start training courses in Turkey

The 6th term of the Female Afghan National Police Training program held by the Sivas Police Vocational School began Wednesday in Turkey’s central province.

For four months, 243 Afghan female police cadets will receive police training including information on weapons, simulated shooting and first aid training, according to daily sabah.

The training will also include search techniques, traffic policing, basic driving training, crime scene investigating and collecting evidence. Cadets will learn to operate security systems and devices, write reports and master expression techniques. Juvenile delinquency, domestic violence and crimes against women will also be addressed.

Speaking at the ceremony, Turkish Deputy Interior Minister Mehmet Ersoy said: “Turkey’s cooperation with Afghanistan will not only take place in police training but also in all other areas.”

Ersoy added that Turkey will share its experience on counter-terrorism, anti-smuggling, anti-drug and foreign fighter apprehension.

The deputy interior minister of Afghanistan Aminullah Karim spoke at the event, drawing attention to the long-lasting relations between Turkey and Afghanistan.

“We are working on changing the police curriculum in Afghanistan and we take Turkey as an example,” Karim said.

Following two cooperation agreements signed in 2011, Afghan police cadets began to receive training in Sivas.

Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu previously said that 2,996 Afghan police and 4,300 military members had received training in Turkey.

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