• publish: 28 March 2018
  • time: 12:25 pm
  • category: Politics
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4 more Mi-24 gunships payed for the Afghan Air Force by India

India signed a contract for the purchase of four more Mi-24 gunships with the financial support of it ’s government for the Afghan Air Force.

The new refurbished gunships are expected to join the Afghan Air Force in coming months as efforts are underway to increase the fighting capabilities of the Afghan armed forces. Khaama news reported.

Belarus will deliver the gunships to Afghanistan based on a trial agreement signed between the three countries earlier this month.

“India will be paying for the four Mi-24s (which will be delivered) in the next few months. All the four helicopters (will be) paid (for) by India,” Afghan Ambassador to India Dr. Shaida Mohammad Abdali has said.

“India has been kind enough to agree to that request… Afghanistan will have ready helicopters that will be used in the coming season,” Abdali added, referring to the request of the Afghan government for arms supply.

This comes as India has previousy supplied four such gunships to Afghanistan but a number of them have been grounded due to technical issues.

In the meantime, efforts are underway by India to arrange the necessary spares to help make the grounded choppers airborne again.


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