• publish: 18 October 2017
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TAPI project brings economic prosperity and regional stability

TAPI is the abbreviation for a gas transmission pipeline that starts from Turkmenistan, passes through Afghanistan and Pakistan and reaches to India. This project can bring good economic opportunities and regional stability.

Practical wok of this project starts at a time that Afghanistan has been at close quarters with big security and economic challenges. The Afghan government considers this vital project as an important step for improving of Afghanistan economic situation and concerned countries.
In opinion of economists, implementation of TAPI project is very essential for economic self-sufficiency of Afghanistan and relaxing of its financial dependence to other countries.
Lawmaker Ghulam Farouq Majrooh from Herat said, importance of implementation of TAPI project is very high for Afghanistan as it connects central Asia to South Asia. Pakistan needs would cause her not to sabotage this project. I hope this project would be completed.
Majrooh added, despite of ongoing insecurity, if the concerned countries sincerely join hands, this project would succeed. Therefore in the first step, security should be restored in those areas through which the pipeline is expected to be passed.  He went on to say that, if economic-commercial relations among regional countries expand, and the idea of connection of south to central Asia is materialized through Afghanistan,most likely, these countries would put aside intelligence-security intentions and would arrange their relations based on mutual economic interest. Saifuddin Saihoon a lecturer of the Faculty of Economy, Kabul university said, TAPI project is implementation of Afghanistan economic dreams andpaves the way for regional stability but its implementation requires reliable security and sincere regional cooperations.
Saihoon added, Afghanistan can play role of trade-transit bridge between central and south Asian countries and paves the way for regional economic development. But this opportunity is currently threatened by security challenges. We want to create confidence in the region.

Jawed Kohistani a political commentator said, despite of its possible huge income to concerned countries, TAPI project is challenged by extremist terrorists,but this project could be an opportunity for improving of security in the region and its hope that supporters of terrorism would change political mind and prefer economic interests.
Suraya Raiszada

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