• publish: 13 January 2016
  • time: 8:06 am
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5.6 magnitude quake shook again Afghanistan

Afghanistan was once jolted by another earthquake in the early hours of Wednesday morning, four days after a mild earthquake jolted different parts of the country including capital Kabul.

According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) the epicenter of the earthquake was recorded in Jurm district of northeastern Badakhshan province.

The magnitude of the earthquake has been recorded at 5.6 having a depth of 242.9 kilometer with the location of 36.609°N 70.886°E.

This comes as a mild earthquake jolted Kabul city on Friday afternoon with epicenter of the quake reported in northeastern Badakhshan province.

USGS reported that the magnitude of the earthquake was 5.0 with the epicenter recorded in Jurm district having a location of 36.580°N 70.937°E and depth of 219 km.

There are no immediate reports regarding the casualties and damages caused by the latest earthquake.

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