• publish: 15 June 2021
  • time: 3:06 pm
  • category: Social
  • No: 18018

5 polio vaccination campaign workers killed in Nangarhar

Five workers in a polio vaccination campaign were killed and four more were wounded in five separate attacks in Nangarhar province on Tuesday morning, said Ataullah Khogyani, spokesman for the provincial governor.

The attacks were perpetrated by unknown armed men in Sorkh Rod and Khogyani districts and the city of Jalalabad, Khogyani said. 

He said that two of the wounded are in critical condition.  

Khogyani said that special security measures were not provided to the campaign workers even though security agencies have been asked to cooperate with health workers.  

So far, no group has claimed responsibility for the attacks. 

This comes as three women working for the polio vaccination campaign were killed in two separate attacks in the city of Jalalabad in Nangarhar province on March 30.

Figures by UNICEF show that 56 new cases of poliovirus were reported in Afghanistan in 2020. 

The campaign is expected to cover 9.6 million children under five years of age in the country.

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