• publish: 13 December 2016
  • time: 9:03 pm
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50 insurgents including 2 Taliban commanders killed in fresh raids

At least 50 armed insurgents including two Taliban and 1 ISIL commanders were killed during fresh raids, Afghan defense officials said.

Afghan ministry of defence in a statement released on Tuesday said that at least 50 armed insurgents including 1 ISIL-K and 2 Taliban commanders were killed during the fresh military operations conducted by Afghan forces in that past 24 hours.

The operations have been briefed by ministry as follows:

Afghan forces conducted an operation in Barg-i-Matal district of western Nuristan province, that during which 20 Taliban-linked insurgents including their commander “Hizbullah Jangi” were killed.

During the operations conducted in Lashkar Gah and Girishk districts of southern Helmand province, 16 Taliban insurgents were killed and 2 others were wounded.

In Mata Khan district of eastern Paktika province, 7 militants were killed and 4 others were wounded.

Moreover, during the operations conducted in Siah Gerd district of Parwan province, a commander of Taliban insurgents “Muhammad Na’eem” was killed and three others were wounded. Also, in Zarmat district of eastern Paktia province, one insurgent was killed and 3 others were wounded.

Afghan forces also stormed ISIL hideouts in Deh Bala and Achin districts of eastern Nangarhar province, and they could eliminate 5 loyalists of the group including 4 foreigners and one of its commander “Abu Du Janeba”.

The armed militants including the Taliban and ISIL have yet to comment on the report.

Ministry of defence didn’t elaborate in its statement on casualties of Afghan forces during these operations.

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