• publish: 19 October 2021
  • time: 4:48 pm
  • category: Economy
  • No: 19383

500 factories closed in Herat industrial town due to security threats

There are 580 factories in the Herat industrial town, of which 500 have been closed due to security threats officials at the Herat Chamber of Commerce and Industries said.

“The industrial town of Herat is the largest industrial town in the country, but unfortunately most of the factories in there are closed due to security threats” Hamidullah Khadem, head of Herat Chamber of Industry and Commerce, told Raha News Agency in Herat

Mr. Khadem added there are 580 factories in the industrial town of Herat province, of which only 70 to 80 are currently active, and the rest are closed due to security threats.

Reluctant to invest in Afghanistan anymore, most of Afghan investors and businessmen have left the country due to security problems and have transferred their capital to Iran, Turkey or the UAE he said

The head of the Herat Chamber of Industry and Commerce added although the security situation in the country has changed since the Taliban took over, Afghan reserve blockage and the closure of banks across the country have compounded the problems for investors.

 If the banks are opened and security of investors is provided, one hundred thousand people will directly and about 300 thousand people indirectly get jobs in this industrial town Mr. Khadem said

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