• publish: 26 March 2018
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HEC ratified low internet price plan

The high economic council’s session was held on Sunday at Chahar Chenar palace of Arg at the presence of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani.


Besides discussion and approval of reduction plan of internet price and construction plan of cement factories, the meeting discussed report of finance ministry related to IMF, general plan of cement, Herat’s cement project, Shaida copper mine and Samangan cement factory. Kabul Times news said.

In first part of the session, extension plan of electricity in districts bordering neighboring countries that was delivered by ministry of rural rehabilitation and development was approved in principle after overall discussions.

President Ghani said that the first goal of their policy was that energy should be generated from domestic resources, asserting that Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) should prepare a clear plan in this regard and deliver how investment was possible.

Based on the plan, 55 border districts and 380,000 families will benefit from electricity and 18 months are required for implementation of the project.

In second part of the session, reduction plan of internet price and optic fiber were approved after overall discussions. President Ghani stressed that more meetings were needed to further discuss optic fiber, adding that the Afghan Telecom company should report its work process to high economic council.

In the session, ministry of finance delivered report of the ministry’s cooperation meetings with IMF.

President Ghani said that work on three-year program with IMF should be followed and stressed on need for further cooperation with IMP.

Ghani also considered reporting in this regard as significant and said there should be a clear procedure, stressing on balance in exports and imports as well as on bringing reforms and centralization of custom houses.

Afterwards, the session reviewed general plan of cement delivered by officials to ministry of mines and petroleum.

In this regard, the country’s President instructed that a joint committee from ministry of mine and petroleum, national procurement authority and office to senior advisor to president on infrastructures should review the respective plan.


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