• publish: 13 January 2016
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‘7,000 apartments allocated for deprived provinces and cities’

The Ministry of Urban Development Affairs of Afghanistan (MUDA) has stepped up efforts to resolve the growing issues related to urban development across the country, specifically in major provincial cities where less attention have been paid during the past 14 years.

As part of the Ministry of Urban Development Affairs (MUDA’s) efforts to kick off development projects in deprived provinces and cities of the country, the Urban Development Affairs Minister Syed Sadat Mansoor Naderi on Wednesday visited the central Logar and southeastern Paktia provinces to review the condition of the cities and districts of the two provinces and assess the needs of the local residents.

During his visit to Logar province, Mr. Naderi met with the provincial governor Halim Fedaye along with the other high level government officials to discuss issues related to development of roads, water supply system, electricity supply, detailed plans and strategies for districts and master plan of the city of Logar province, Khaama press reported.

Admitting that the government has not taken important steps during the past 14 years for the betterment of different sectors of Logar and specifically in urban development, Naderi emphasized that the resources of Logar should be properly utilized, being a key province where major natural mines are located.

He said the priorities of the Ministry of Urban Development Affairs include raising of the capacity building of Urban Development Directorates in the provinces and cities and economic development in the cities and districts in a bid to create an economic momentum between the cities and districts and to have a better urban services.

Nadri welcomed the approval of Urban Development law and Municipality Law by the government and said the Urban Development Affairs Ministry is hopeful that the lawmakers in the Afghan parliament will ratify it to help the ministry in its implementation.

According to Naderi, the laws will help the urban development sector, land grabbing challenges and will prevent the construction of high rise buildings in residential areas.

He promised to allocate 7,000 apartments out of 10,000 committed by China in deprived provinces and cities, specifically the provincial capital of Logar province – Pul-e-Alam.

During his visit to southeastern Paktia province, Mr. Nadri reviewed the issues related to development of roads, water supply system, electricity supply, detailed plans and strategies for districts and master plan of the city, as well as construction of townships for teachers, refugees and the martyrs of Paktia.

Naderi said the issues and challenges of Paktia residents to the government of national unity to consider the lack of basic urban needs of Paktia residents which include lack of clean water, paved roads, recreational parks and shelters.

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