• publish: 6 December 2021
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A baby with four natal teeth born in Baghlan province

Authorities in a state-run hospital in northern Baghlan province of Afghanistan said that a mother has given birth to a baby that has four natal teeth.

The baby was born on Sunday, December 5 and Afghanistan’s local news agency-Bakhtar- has reported that the newborn is girl.

Father of the baby Abdul Qayum confirmed the baby’s teeth and said that he is happy for his newborn daughter.

The news has widely gone viral on social media in Afghanistan and has amazed millions of people in the country.

In the meantime, health specialists say that the incident is quite normal in medical as one baby in every two to three thousand newborn babies have natal teeth.

Natal teeth are a medical term for the teeth that appear untimely and during birth that are weaker than the natural neonatal teeth that appear at the age of six or seven in babies.

It is worth mentioning that a mother gave birth to three baby boys in Helmand province just days before the baby with natal teeth.

Local media have reported that the father of the babies is happy for the good health of his babies but is unhappy at the same time as he is going through tough economic situation.

The father has said that he will not be able to afford feeding his three newborn boys.

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