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A comprehensive peace plan for Afghanistan offered by Ata Muhammad Noor

Ata Muhammad Noor, chief of the executive of council of Jamiat-e Islami party offered a comprehensive plan for peace in Afghanistan.

The plan presented in both Persian and English is 30 pages and aims at securing a cross-country and inclusive peace in Afghanistan.

The plan consists of three chapters and sub-titles.

The chief of the executive council of Afghanistan Ata Mohammad Noor offered a plan titled “comprehensive peace plan for Afghanistan” aimed at securing inclusive peace, establishing a national government, amending the constitution, and involvement of all parties and political streams, including the Taliban.
The plan consists of three chapters, nearly thirty titles and comprehensive content for peace building in Afghanistan.

Presented in both Farsi and English, the following topics are discussed in the first chapter:
The first chapter of the plan consists of two parts: The Roots of the Afghan Crisis and the Factors Affecting the Crisis, both of which comprise two other sub-sections each.

The second chapter of the plan consists of one section with these topics: intra-Afghan talks, requirements and preconditions, mechanism of the peace process, political participation, non-negotiable entities with the Taliban, international guarantees of national negotiation provisions, timing and scheduling mechanism, general disarming and civilization, general clemency and social justice treaty, conducting a Loya Jirga for amendment of the constitution, elections, transition of power to an elected government.

The third chapter of the presented plan consists of two parts, the first part having four sections and the second part with two sections.

The plan has thoroughly reviewed roadblocks and challenges to peace and the mechanisms for achieving a comprehensive and sustainable peace.

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