• publish: 22 September 2019
  • time: 1:31 am
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A huge crisis threatening the Afghanistan if IEC fails to hold a transparent presidential elections

Lawmakers warned on Saturday that a huge crisis is threatening the country if the Independent Election Commission (IEC) fails to hold a transparent presidential elections.

According to the MPs, none of the candidates will accept the final result of election if fraud and irregularities happen.

“The situation of Afghanistan needs attention. The upcoming presidential elections is paving the ground for a huge crisis; therefore, electoral bodies must act based on the law,” said Arif Rahmani, an MP from central Ghazni province.

“I’m calling on all candidates to stop absolute thinking and accept the result of the election. People’s decision must be respected,” said Maryam Sama, an MP from the capital Kabul.

“Once again, the ballot boxes are being filled in advance. This catastrophe is really devastating Afghanistan,” said Ali Akbar Qasemi, an MP from Ghazni province,” People’s votes must be counted not sheep’s.”

Meanwhile, Amir Khan Yar the first Deputy Speaker of the House called on the electoral bodies to prevent any interference and hold a transparent elections.

The Afghan presidential election is set to be held on September 28.

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