• publish: 14 August 2019
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A new deal is not considered in talks with Taliban

President Ashraf Ghani at a ceremony in the Ministry of Defense in Kabul on Tuesday clarified the Afghan government’s stance on upcoming negotiations with the Taliban and said a new deal is not considered in this process.

The US and the Taliban negotiators wrapped up the eighth round of peace talks in Qatar.

The two sides are expected to sign a peace agreement within the next few days which will provide the ground for US troop withdrawal and reduction of violence in Afghanistan.

The peace deal will also facilitate intra-Afghan negotiations which will probably take place in a European capital within the next few weeks.

Mr. Ghani said a joint statement will be announced on the first day of negotiations with the Taliban which will define the Afghan government as a legitimate government which represents all the people of Afghanistan.

He said the statement will also define the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces as a legitimate partner of the international forces in the fight against terrorism.

Mr. Ghani mentioned that there will be no compromise on Afghan National Defense and Security Forces when it comes to negotiations with the Taliban.

“A new agreement between us [Afghan government] and the United State is not considered. I repeat, a new agreement is not considered,” Mr. Ghani said. “All international agreements will remain in their place.”

The president said the agreement which will not ensure that identity and sovereignty of Afghanistan is safe, will not be acceptable.

“We don’t have conditions for negotiations but we do have conditions for peace. The first condition is that there will be no compromise on Afghan National Defense and Security Forces,” Mr. Ghani reiterated.

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