• publish: 7 November 2021
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A row of eggs increased to 420 Afs in Herat

Some shopkeepers complaining about sharp rise in price of eggs, said the price of a row of eggs has doubled in Herat.

A row of eggs in Herat has raised from 240 to 420 Afs.

Talking to Raha News Agency in Herat, Muhammad Asif, a dairy shopkeeper said the price of all food staff items increase day by day and people are unable to buy even an egg due to unemployment and economic poverty.

He added the price of an egg in Herat before the Islamic Emirate of Taliban taking over was 8 Afs, but now it has reached to 14 Afs.

According to him home-made eggs is 1 to 2 Afs more expensive than farm-made eggs. Most farm-made eggs produced in Herat farms.  

He added when shopkeepers are not able to buy groceries for selling how one can expect poor customers to buy eggs?

Mohammad Asef said in the past, the price of an egg was 200 to 240 Afs, but now it has increased to 400 to 420 Afs.

Fazl Ahmad, owning a grocery store in Herat province, also told Raha News Agency it has been for three months he has not bought even an egg for selling in his shop.  

He added he cannot buy the same eggs again with the money he has earned from selling eggs to people due to the daily increase of prices.

”A few days ago, I went to at least 10 shops to buy eggs, but I could find no egg nowhere” said Farshid Ahmad, a resident of Herat province.

He added most of the eggs being sold in the current markets in Herat are farms-made and are not as qualified as they were in past.

Farshid Ahmad also said the economic situation of many families in Herat province is not good, so they cannot buy good quality food staff.

“About 4 eggs cost 60 Afs, too expensive for ordinary Afghans to buy.” He said

Ali Ahmad Hosseini, one of the food traders in Herat province, said the reasons behind increase of food staff in Herat are some problems at the customs.

He said the traders ‘problems have remained unsolved despite the given promises.

According to him, as long as the Islamic Emirate has not found a formal recognized place in the world, it is not hoped to have increase of prices solved.

Officials at the Herat Poultry Farmers’ Union declined to comment.

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