• publish: 2 March 2022
  • time: 4:35 pm
  • category: Security&Crime
  • No: 20795

A Tajik citizen arrested by Taliban in Kabul in accusation of Daesh links

IE security forces have arrested a man over illegal sale of weapons and a Tajik citizen over alleged ties with Daesh militant group, the IE ministry of interior (MoI) said on Wednesday.

On its Twitter handle, the MoI wrote the foreigner had been arrested in the limits of the 15th Police District of capital Kabul.

In a video record, the detained person says: “My real name is Omaid and known as Ahmad Farid hailing from Tajikistan. I arrived in Afghanistan from Iran and staged Jihad against Islamic Emirate Mujahideen.”

MoI official in a video message said that security forces have detained an individual named Noor Shah Mohammad in connection with the illegal sale of weapons.

Noor Shah Mohammad said: “I was selling weapons; MoI officials arrested me from the Niazbaig locality with two pistols and a Kalashnikov.”

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