• publish: 14 September 2015
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Ministry of Interior:

A team assigned to investigate massive prison break of Ghazni

Ministry of Interior (MoI) reported on Monday that a team of investigators has been assigned to investigate the massive prison break early Monday in central Ghazni province.

The Taliban stormed the maximum security prison just days after the MoI transferred twenty high risk Taliban inmates from the prison to Kabul.

At least eleven police personnel were killed and wounded during the incident which resulted in the escape of 355 inmates.

“A few days back, we transferred twenty Taliban commanders to Kabul from this jail,” MoI spokesman, Sediq Sediqqi said.

He said that a team of investigators has been dispatched to the province to investigate the incident and identify those responsible for it.

“A team of investigators has been sent to Ghazni to probe the incident and to find out what happened,” Sediqqi added.

According to the MoI, 436 prisoners had been detained in Ghanzi prison. Of those 148 of them were incarcerated on account of terrorism and threats to national security. An additional 207 were in prison on charges of criminal acts.

However, 81 prisoners remained behind.

Insurgents associated with the Taliban launched the attack at about 2am on Monday morning. Explosives were detonated at the main entrance, opening the way for a group of armed militants to enter – enabling the inmates to escape.

MoI officials have said that a massive search operation is currently underway to re-arrest the prisoners who escaped.

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