• publish: 21 July 2019
  • time: 6:38 pm
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Abdul Razaq Wahidi acquitted after three months of imprisonment

The appeals court of the Anti-corruption Justice Center (ACJC) exculpated Abdul Razaq Wahidi, the former Minister of Communication and Information Technology, on Sunday.

Wahidi was accused of authority misuse when he was serving as the Ministry of Finance Deputy in the government.

He was sentenced to three years imprison by ACJC about three months ago.

The ACJC’s prosecutor of the case says that Wahidi had signed some of the contracts illegally.

However, Wahidi’s lawyer rejects the accusations on him based on the provided documents.

Wahidi stresses that the accusation is a political case against him made by the government while someone else is the real accused person.

“I think that the hostility between me and Mr. Eklil Hakimi [former Minister of Finance] is the reason behind the case and there is no evidence in this regard,” said Wahidi.

The appeals court for Wahidi lasted two days at the end of which the court chairman announced him guiltless.

This comes as Wahidi was also exculpated in the past after he was accused of committing corruption related to the real-time system during his tenure as the Minister of Communication and Information Technology.Share

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