• publish: 3 July 2019
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Abdullah, Dostum slam Taliban over violent acts

First Vice President General Abdul Rashid Dostum on Wednesday labeled the Taliban as a repressive and brutal group that does not bear mercy even on women and children during their violent acts, adding that the country’s armed forces must crush the fanatic group over the atrocities they have committed against the people of Afghanistan.

He said that security situations in Afghanistan’s northern provinces remain fragile.
“This Dr. (CE Abdullah Abdullah) should tell the president that we do not want to die with our dreams, we do not want emirate system (a term used for Taliban’s Islamic emirate system). Let us avenge the Taliban for their atrocity against the oppressed nation of Afghanistan,” said Dostum who has led anti-Taliban operations in the north after 9/11. 

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah who was welcomed by Dostum in Sherbaghan, the center of northern Jawzjan province, also lashed out at the Taliban, saying recent suicide attacks indicate that the resurgent group has no will for peace to be maintained in Afghanistan. 
“We should join hands and raise our voice from a single platform for peace. But we have to remain united against those who resisted against the aspirations of the people and their future. When they (Taliban) respond to the voice of the Afghan people with crimes, then Afghan people should stand against them from a united front and the international community should realize the realities,” said Abdullah.
Dostum criticized the government over its failure to deliver on its campaign promises to the people. 
“We promised the people of Afghanistan to bring colors to their dining table, but now we should confess that we failed to do so and even snatched the piece of bread they had on their table for their children and family,” added Dostum.
One of President Ashraf Ghani’s slogan during the elections campaign was to transform Afghanistan’s economy and bring change to the lives of ordinary Afghans, something people believe has not happened. 
This comes two days after the Taliban launched a brazen attack on a military installation in Kabul, leaving dozens of people dead and wounded. 
On Tuesday sources confirmed that Qush Tepa district in the northern Jawzjan province has fallen to the Taliban following heavy clashes over the past two days.
The two mainstream Afghan politicians and serving govt members vow action against the Taliban at a time that there are renewed hopes over the start of intra-Afghan talks in less than few weeks in the Gulf state of Qatar. 
Germany’s Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Markus Potzel, said in a statement on Tuesday that Germany and Qatar will convene an Intra-Afghan Dialogue Conference to be held in Doha on 7 and 8 July 2019. 
“Afghanistan stands at a critical moment of opportunity for progress towards peace,” Potzel said, adding that “an essential component of any process leading to this objective will be a direct engagement between Afghans.”
“Only Afghans themselves can decide the future of their country. An Intra-Afghan Dialogue can help clarify the options and opportunities of such direct engagement,” he added.

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