• publish: 10 April 2019
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Abdullah sees a role for Taliban if they quit violence

Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah says the Taliban can be part of a political process and that they can represent the people of Afghanistan at any level if the group gives up violence.

“The minute they joined the political process, they give up violence, they cut their ties with terrorist groups and organizations, they can be part of the political process,” Abdullah said. “They can be representatives of the people if they were voted for. And they can represent the people of Afghanistan at any level.”

“My concern is that since they know that true elections, they might not have a chance because the people of Afghanistan don’t want Talibanisation. They want peace, but they don’t want to live like the way that the Taliban want them to live,” Abdullah said. 
Talking to the Associated Press on the sidelines of World Economic Forum in Jordan Abdullah said he supports the US efforts to pursue a ceasefire with the Taliban which lead to peace in the country. 
“Ceasefire is important but eventually a ceasefire should lead to peace. A ceasefire in itself will not be a solution, but it could be part of the peace package,” Abdullah said. 
Abdullah also said that talks are the only way to put an end to the current crisis in the country. 
“The issue of negotiations is important, that we sit together, and not just the government of Afghanistan. The government of Afghanistan plus other political parties together with the Taliban to talk about the future of this country – I don’t think there is any other way to deal with this issue because it’s just not one single issue, it’s the future of the country, it’s war and peace which have to be decided,” he added.
He emphasized on the role of women in the peace talks. 
“There will be no peace if the women, half of the population, are not participants in the development of the country, the politics and the economy of the country. We will not have peace,” Abdullah added. 

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