• publish: 4 February 2019
  • time: 4:59 pm
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Abdullah:Withdrawal of foreign forces ‘not the end of the world’ for Afghanistan

The Chief Executive of the Government of National Unity Abdullah Abdullah has said the partial withdrawal of the foreign forces will not be the end of the world for Afghanistan.

Speaking with a group of reporters in Kabul on Monday, Abdullah said the presence of U.S. forces in Afghanistan and their cooperation with Afghanistan has become one of the main topics locally, regionally, and internationally.

Abdullah further added that Washington’s South Asia policy regarding the presence of U.S. forces, circumstances surrounding their cooperation and support are based on conditions.

He also added that no negotiation has been made regarding the permanent U.S. bases in Afghanistan and no such agreement exist but commitments exist based resulting to cooperation to cope with the joint threats against peace, regional affairs and countries.

Emphasizing that the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces are in charge of the majority of security related issues, Abdullah said the partial withdrawal of the foreign would not mean an end to international community’s commitments to Afghanistan, insisting that even such discussions have not been made.

However, Abdullah said there is a possibility that the number of foreign forces would decline but no such instructions have been given so far.

The Chief Executive of the Unity Government also added that the foreign forces will one day leave Afghanistan and it is up to the Afghans to prepare themselves for such a scenario and the government should stand on its own feet with the support of the Afghan people.

Meanwhile, Abdullah said cooperation should continue to exist since it will be in the interest of the United States, international community and regional peace and stability.

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