• publish: 14 December 2019
  • time: 12:53 pm
  • category: Politics
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Abdulllah allows poll recount/fraudulent election results, not allowed

Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah on Friday urged his supporters to allow recount of votes in seven provinces where they blocked the process.

Partial recount of votes from September 28 presidential election had begun on November 9, but Abdullah’s supporters blocked the process in seven provinces citing fraud concerns.

The commission has already completed the process in 27 provinces.

Abdullah, who has boycotted the process, appeared in a press conference late on Friday, calling on his supporters to allow the recount.

He said he took the decision following the request of Electoral Complaints Commission which held a consultation meeting with the stakeholders of the process earlier in the day.

Abdullah’s side has repeatedly questioned the addition of 300,000 votes which it says do not meet the criteria and rules.

Abdullah called for invalidation of 102,000 votes which he said were cast outside polling hours as well as a special audit of 137,000 other questionable votes.

Abdullah repeated his warning that he would not allow “fraudulent” election results.

“No one should think that his fraud convoy can cross another bridge,” Abdullah said.

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