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Afghan Film emphasis on making serials based on Afghanistan realities

The new director of Afghan Film has said the emphasis on the filming of serials will be based on the realities of Afghanistan.

Jawed Afghan, the new director of Afghan Films, was recently appointed by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA), and says that he will develop the directorate of Afghan Film and, using its past capabilities, show the true story of Afghanistan to the world.

The director of Afghan Film emphasized the increase in the number of employees of this institution and the production of new films.

Afghan Film is Afghanistan’s main government cinema institution, which has been around for decades and has played an important role in supporting and strengthening Afghan cinema.

In previous regimes, this institution made many films; in the previous government, the focus was on making new films.

Previously, Sahraa Karimi was the head of this institution, but now a new head has been appointed by the Islamic Emirate. The director of Afghan Film promises that the organization will make films and series based on the true narratives of Afghanistan.

“The Afghan Film is an important directorate and we will work hard on the procedures given to us by our leaders so that the Afghan Film can progress,” Afghan told Ariana News.

Although the director of Afghan Film does not say anything about the continued presence of female staff in the film industry, but he emphasized that the employees of this institution will continue their work as in the past and using the past capacities, the current narratives of the country will be shown to the world.

“For those who have worked here before and are qualified, we want them to work with us so that we can work together to show the people and the world a true picture of Afghanistan,” said Jawed Afghan.

Afghan Film is considered one of the most important directorates in the production of Afghan films; an office whose archive also narrates the history of Afghanistan. But it is not yet clear what type of films and series this directorate will make and whether it will be allowed to reopen cinemas in Afghanistan.

Sahraa Karimi and her family arrived in Kyiv, two days after the IEA took control of Kabul.

Afghan Film also known as Afghan Film Organization is Afghanistan’s state-run film company, established in 1968.

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