• publish: 14 August 2016
  • time: 5:51 pm
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Afghan general attorney is almost male-dominated/ balance comes in

Afghanistan general attorney (AGO) head Mohammad Farid Hamidi has said the office is almost male-dominated, but efforts are underway to bring balance.

Hamidi addressing a press conference here on Sunday also said the General Attorney Office is determined to seriously fight corruption and will accept no excuses from prosecutors.


AGO’s main aims are to implement law and bring justice; hence, justice and law will be the first victims of corruption, according to Farid Hamidi.


He added that the office is also determined to serve all of the people of Afghanistan without discrimination, and consider impartiality when investigating.


Hamidi also promised that his office will not politically proceed with issues.


“There is lack of coordination between general attorney office and security agencies which can hamper fighting corruption,” said Hamidi.


According to an international organization monitoring world’s transparency, Afghanistan is among top corrupt countries in the world.

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