• publish: 1 August 2016
  • time: 8:42 pm
  • category: Politics
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Afghan gov condmened Pakistan’s attempt to establish border facility at Torkham

Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday condemned Pakistan’s attmept to build border facility at Torkham, which has long been a disputed issue between neighbours.

Afghan foreign Affairs Ministry in a statement released today condemned the act and sent great disappointment to neighbouring Pakistan.

Afghanistan government condemns the act with the strongest terms and condiders it an act contrary to the good neighbouring relations, said the statement.

The statement adds Pakistan’s attempt to build such facility at the Torkham gate is in contrary to the prior agreed terms between two countries and is an improper move.

Afghan foriegn ministry emphasizes that it will consider other options to prevent Pakistan’s more violation of terms.
Durand Line has long been a disputed line between two countries which the Torkham gate is located on.

Pakistan insists that Afghanistan accept the Durand line as the official international border between two countries, something Afghanistan has alwayds denied, saying the Durand line agreement, once signed, has now expired.

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