• publish: 5 November 2019
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Afghan government delegation leaves for China on Friday

The Afghan government will send a delegation to Beijing on Friday to attend at the intra-Afghan peace conference.

A source said that the Presidential Palace has not disclosed details of its delegation in order to avoid opposition from Afghan politicians.

On Monday, a number of politicians called on government to publicize the names of the delagates who are part of the delegation to Beijing.

 “If we can’t form a national political consensus among government leaders, political parties, civil society organizations and the National Assembly, we won’t be able to have a single strong position in the negotiation table,” said Qayoum Sajadi, a lawmaker from Ghazni province.

“The government has held consultations with political parties and other stakeholders to form an inclusive negotiating team,” said Waqif Hakimi, another lawmaker from Badakhshan province.

Some officials are asking why the government has failed to release the names of the delegates to the Intra-Afghan conference.

“[The] Government is not disclosing the list because it is unacceptable to the people. The government has appointed an incapable and uneducated delegation,” Ahmad Saeedi, a political commentator responded.

Meanwhile, foreign diplomats have been conducting a wide range of meetings with Afghan officials during the last several weeks.

Recently, Germany Special Envoy for Afghanistan Markus Potzel met with several prominent Afghan leaders and politicians, to discuss the revival of the Afghan peace process.

The Intra-Afghan meeting in China was scheduled for October 28 between representatives of Taliban and Afghan politicians including Kabul government officials.

The two-day meeting was delayed after representatives of United States, China, Russia, and Pakistan met in Moscow on October 25.

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