• publish: 13 April 2020
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National Security Council

Afghan government releases 361 Taliban prisoners

The Afghan government has released 361 members of the Taliban movement, National Security Council Spokesperson Javid Faisal said on Monday.

“The government released 361 Taliban prisoners from Bagram prison according to a presidential decree from 11 March.

As per the decree, releases will continue across other prisons to free a total of 1,500 as part of our efforts to advance peace and fight #COVID19″, Faisal wrote on Twitter.

It was previously reported that the government had released 300 Taliban prisoners, and the Taliban had handed over 20 Afghan prisoners to the International Committee of the Red Cross in the southern province of Kandahar.

US Special Representative for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad welcomed the prisoner release by the warring parties, calling on them to boost their efforts.

In late February, the United States and the Taliban signed a long-awaited peace deal in Qatar. The agreement envisions the complete withdrawal of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan within 14 months and the start of direct intra-Afghan negotiations following the mutual release of prisoners. However, clashes continue in the country amid disagreements over the prisoner release process.

Afghanistan has confirmed 607 COVID-19 cases so far, with the death toll currently at 18.

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