• publish: 27 January 2016
  • time: 7:27 pm
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Afghan government urges EU to accept its migrants

Officials from the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriations (MRR) said Wednesday that the Afghan government has urged the European Union (EU) to accept Afghan refugees in European countries that have completed their migration documents.

The officials also said the Afghan government will sign an agreement with the European Union in the few next months in order to overcome the migrant and refugee crisis.

“The MRR had specific recommendations at a meeting with the European delegation [which is in Kabul to assess the reasons behind migration of Afghans to European countries],” said the MRR media advisor Hafiz Ahmad Mirakhel.

“First we recommended a joint campaign against illegal migrations and second the Afghan government should be prepared for accepting those Afghans that return to their country,” he added.

Reports say that Afghans pay huge amounts of money to make their way to European countries.

“I cannot reject or accept the issue of paying high amounts of money for migration, but we have sent official letters to all money exchangers to avoid collecting and transferring the money which is used for human smuggling in the country,” said Mohammad Khan, the head of Sarai Shahzada – the main money exchanging center in Kabul.

Meanwhile, Mohammad Asif, a resident of Kabul, spoke out about reasons behind Afghans’ migration to other countries, and said: “Most of the youth leave the country due to insecurity and unemployment. They leave the country to seek a better life.”

Government should encourage the young generation to avoid leaving the country and stay here. Also it should provide them with better opportunities inside Afghanistan,”” said Nawid, another resident of Kabul. Tolo News reported.

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