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Afghan Granddaughter on sale in Ghur province to ease family economy distress

A widowed grandma in western Ghur province has put up her 6 years old granddaughter on sale to ease her family’s economical distress, after Taliban’s quick takeover led the country’s economy on the brink of collapse.

“Rukhshana” a 56 years old widowed grandmother in western Ghur province of Afghanistan told Raha Press correspondent on Saturday that she had to put up her 6 years old granddaughter on sale as her family is struggling with sever economical distresses.

She said she originally hails from “Tulak” district of Ghur province but has moved to the center of the province so she can put up her granddaughters on sale in a certain market in Firuzkooh city.   

She has two children, of whom she has grandchildren.

After the Taliban quick takeover of Afghanistan, the living conditions has become extremely difficult for her and her family that has made her to put up her granddaughters on sale in order she can afford winter expenses ahead, she said.

She added that a price tag of 100,000 to 200,000 (approximately $1,100 to $2,200) Afghanis has been placed on her granddaughters in the market in Firuzkooh but no one has yet to come as buyers for the past two weeks.

No internal or foreign aid agencies was available or came as helpers, nor did her close relatives help her stop from selling her granddaughters, said she adding that if this condition continue her family would have to face another tragedy besides her selling of granddaughters.

Rukhshana’s 6 years old granddaughter goes by the name of “Zinat”; she told childishly Raha Press correspondent that since her grandmother decided to put up her on sale, she is living with fears among her own family members, but has no choice but to accept that in order her family can survive.

Ne’matullah a brother for Zinat told Raha Press that the decision to put up his sister on sale was disastrous and extremely painful, but they are left with no choice.

He asked for any helps from internal and foreign aid entities in order they can avoid their tough decision.

In the meantime, Abdul Hai Mubasher, the Taliban director for Ghur immigration and repatriation organization says at least one thousand families have moved from districts to the center of the province and are in sever need of aids.

He asked for aid agencies to stream their aids as quickly as possible in order to avoid a human crisis.

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