• publish: 4 November 2017
  • time: 6:19 pm
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Afghan house speaker charged to pay 5m Afghanis over corruptions

Afghan House speaker Abdul Rauof Ebrahimi has been charged by a fact-finding committee to pay 5.3 million Afghanis over charges of fiscal corruption.

The speaker for Afghan house of representatives or Wolsi Jirga in native language Abdul Rauf Ebrahimi has been charged to pay 5.3 million Afghanis over charges of fiscal corruption and abuse of authorities.

Ebrahimi who had earlier rejected the allegations, has now accepted the charges and will deposit the amount into the government account, it has been reported.

The Fact-finding committee which was formed soon after reports of corruptions by the house speaker and some other MPs erupted revealed its conclusion today and said the house speaker has been charged to pay 5.3 million Afghanis.

The committee also concluded that the first deputy of the Wolsi Jirga Humayun Humayun will be deprived to appear at the wolsi Jirga for a period of 10 days, while two other MPs Lalai Hamidzai and Obaid Barikzay are deprived to attend the house for 15 days.

They have been charged to have attacked the archives of the Wolsi Jirga TV.

The committee has also said that the duty of the secretary of the house Khudai Nazar Nasrat has been suspended his case was referred to the General Attorney.

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